2012: Indigo Adult Mid-Year Review

2012 indigo adult reviewSo… How has the most anticipated year (since the year 2000) felt to indigo adults thus far? Have you noticed any patterns or major shifts, either with the collective or within yourself?

By far, the most noticeable thing about this year has been the endings… *joyful endings*… that have taken place in my life.

I have noticed the rapid pace at which baggage that I have been carrying around has unloaded.

Some of this stuff is more than a decade or two old.

Some of it is not… Some of it is just from this year. Or last year. But it still feels good to let go.

And all of it feels like a heavy backpack full of bricks that I have been lugging around and have now chucked into the Grand Canyon. It’s done for good. That energy is out of my life…

I think…

I always have to add “I THINK” because we never really know for sure.

But I can say DONE with a pretty strong belief that it is true.

Today was an ending of a smaller proportion.

Completion of energy just from this year.

Here’s what the releasing of this heavy baggage always feels like (regardless of it is from 2 months ago or 15 years ago).

1. “Ahh… I’m done.”

2. Cathartic Crying. (“Am I really done?!”)

3. Sleepy…

4. Meditate or sleep for a few days. Some days I have cleared so much heavy energy and shifted so much in my personal energy field that I sleep for 9 hours at night, get up for 4 or 5 hours, and then go back for another 13 or 14 hours.

5. Wake up feeling great. Permanently lighter. Spine feels more relaxed. I usually have the urge to purge stuff from my physical surroundings or move furniture around.

I am currently in stage 2 (as described above) – the crying stage. It feels like sadness a little bit, but I have learned to be able to distinguish between true sadness and this cathartic feeling of lower frequency emotions leaving my field. Crying helps the energy move if I feel inclined to cry. Right now I don’t. I just feel like moving into stage 3 and 4 which is sleep.

A lot of the literature I have read on 2012 is about upgrading our energetic bodies and DNA to prepare for the upgrading of planetary energy that is to come.

I feel that I was placed here to help with the shift of the planet to higher frequencies, but I have not been practicing any particular process to upgrade myself… at least not consciously.

I’m sure writing for this blog helps, since as a group we are connecting as a collective via this site, even though we have not met or are even conscious of such a connection. (I can feel the energy of the group collective that stays in tune with this blog, but that’s about as specific as it gets on my end.)

So, that being said… Are there any other indigo adults that have felt like this has been the year of endings? Ideally they’ve been joyful endings, letting go of heavy energetic burdens. That’s what it’s felt like to me.

But then again, I always anticipated 2012 as the checkpoint for me between my old-world heavy-burdened life and the new-world-energy of love and light. 2012 is when I get to start being who I truly am and am appreciated for the gifts that I bring to this planet. 2012 is the year that I don’t have to fit into a box that doesn’t suit me. And as this becomes true for me, this becomes true for other higher energetic individuals (indigo adults), and then finally the rest of the collective comes along as well (or at least those that want to come along).

Feedback on this post would be wonderful! Would love to read some indigo adult feedback about this year’s energetic experiences.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: The image at the top of this post links to a free audio download about the earth shifts (like earthquakes) and how that relates to our own bodies shifting. I borrowed the picture from that site, but I’m listening to the audio file right now and it’s pretty good.

4 thoughts on “2012: Indigo Adult Mid-Year Review”

  1. I’m totally the same 😀 was sleeping/ meditating for 20 h yesterday thou I am in a really good mood.

    I was wondering if you feel the same: My life teaches me a lot of lessons… I’d always experience twice as much as other people. But in the last couple of weeks my life is stuffed with experiences and developments and crazy funny stuff :-). Almost too much and too fast to handle

  2. This entire year (and the end of last) has been like this for me, quite intensely so. I’m surprised at how fast things are shifting and healing for me, but I’m impatient to move into the new phase of my life that’s just around the corner at the same time. I just can’t quite see the connecting dots, yet!

    I have just spent a large chunk of the past weekend sleeping, and for once, not fighting it. I’m also being kinder to myself than I have since young childhood. I am breaking out of my box that my job and society somehow concealed from me!

  3. Yes I feel like I have let a lot of old baggage go and feel as is I am shifting towards the better as well. I agree with so much of what you are saying. I just can’t put it into words as nicely as you do. 🙂 thank you for your blog!

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