12/21/12 and #26acts: Mother Earth’s Transformation Reflected in Her People

#26acts_Indigo_adultsI originally was going to post about the event I am headed to on 12/21, but to be honest, that’s not really what this transition is about and I was somewhat indifferent about posting it. I am looking forward to gathering with others, but I have been to many meditations/celebrations like the one I am going to.

So what is different, then? How have I changed or the world changed? How is mother earth’s transformation being reflected in the beings that inhabit her?

Then I heard about #26acts. THAT is what this whole transition is about. That transformation of pain and sadness into love, kindness, peace, sharing, healing, community… That is what it is about.

I think that in the final days of the old earth and the birth of the new earth, the best question that one can possibly ask oneself, and that has recently come up in the public realm, is, “What kindness can I do for others?”

Though tragedy has brought about the #26acts movement, transforming the collective sadness about what happened in Connecticut into positive, inspired action as a way to honor those that fell and to bring attention to the importance of love, sharing, kindness, generosity and community is absolutely a step in the right direction.

I am going to sleep now and will start my official 26 acts of kindness and honoring tomorrow, but I will pray tonight for the families that had to directly experience the event, and for the kids and adults that gave up their lives. And I will pray with gratitude for all that have already started to do the 26 acts and for those that will soon join in building a new and kinder earth experience.

Here is where you can learn more about #26Acts of Kindness: https://nbcnews.com/26acts

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: Incase you are wondering what I will most likely be up to on 12/21/12, here is the flyer. I found it the local new age magazine www.innerrealm.net.

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